contains a broad variety of Janice Hubbard's voices, from musical cues to animation voices, biography, commercial, medical and book narration.

Janice Hubbard - Voice Over Artist

FOR THE PAST TWENTY-TWO YEARS (and currently) Janice Hubbard has been a member of the award-winning performing group, Parachute Express. Along with her partners, she wrote and produced the music and dialog for their ten CD's, two videos and thousands of live performances for children and families. Parachute Express has performed extensively across the United States, from the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., to the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. The group began in 1984, formed to create the music for the national franchise, Gymboree. After five albums, Walt Disney Records purchased their catalog and released an album and a long form video. The group has since released four albums under its independent label, Trio Lane Records, and continues to perform around the country. The group has garnered the Indie Award for Children's Album of the Year, multiple Parent's Choice Awards, and NAPPA awards, among others.

With thirteen formative years of experience doing Story Theater under the tutelage of Richard Schaal, Viola Spolin and Paul Sills, the character transformation needed for book narration and animation voices comes naturally to Janice; Story Theater techniques have been exercised regularly in Parachute Express performances and recordings.

Janice's latest endeavor is radio. The Parachute Express Show is due to launch soon.